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Ask Us About Brand News From Coda Research. 

New Research – Most Trusted TV Stations for Local News
“Brand News” Measures Network Affiliate Stations in Top U.S. Markets
(Nashville, TN).c CODA – a leading media research and advisory firm – now reports the most trusted television stations in specific markets for local news according to viewers.
Local viewers tune in to their favorite stations for the news, sports, weather forecasts and traffic updates that directly impact their communities. As a result, this engaging programming genre represents a primary source of local advertising revenue for network affiliate stations.
Coda’s Brand News surveys quantify viewers’ engagement with local news, including the stations that they trust the most, the specific news teams that they believe, and the perceived accuracy of the local weather forecasts that they watch.
In addition, Brand News surveys document the actions viewers take as a result of commercials that air during local news programs and digital advertising when they visit the websites of local TV Stations.

Clients that Jack T Wolf LLC have worked with are varied and diversified.

Projects have ranged from mentoring executives to building out marketing needs to working on a full market survey to develop the profile of a customer base.


Lyft, Twitter, The List Partners, Doug Stephan Good Day radio program, Sandler Sales Training, Media Traders. IO to name a few.