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Everybody howling in unison.  With our process, your sales team participates, your sales team learns, your sales team executes and excels.  Our team listens and leads.  A team comprised of a network of seasoned professionals who know what to, how to do it, and how to measure success.
I’m Carl Dickens and I’ve been in the industry for a lot longer than most wolves survive the media wilderness.  CBS, Arbitron, Kantar.  Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and everywhere in between.  Ad expenditures, media ratings, new product launches, brand strategies, competitive positioning, and did I mention?  Sales.  Sales.  And more sales.  My packs have never gone hungry.
So if you’ve been wondering how your team could sell more or market better by leveraging the numbers, call me or click me.  Let’s talk.

Welcome to Jack the Wolf, LLC – a different kind of media consulting firm.  Why?  We not only identify your data-driven sales needs, suggest strategies, and then train your people to implement them, we also quantify your results throughout the process so that you can quickly and definitively come to the same conclusion.
JTW specializes in your sales objectives.  Especially when your team relies on a thorough understanding of media research and data to achieve them.  How they leverage the numbers on a call, how confidently they propose strategies, how intelligently they articulate your clients’ challenges while providing data supported solutions.  And, most importantly, how they wake up every morning with a grin on their face because they’re producing outstanding results for the pack… and for themselves.​​​


Carl is an accomplished Senior Executive with more than 45 years of success spanning TV & Radio, Media, and Branding. Leveraging extensive experience managing growth and turnarounds, Carl is an invaluable asset for a company encountering a period of stagnant or declining revenue and is seeking operational transformations and process improvements to reduce costs and drive sales as well as profitability. His areas of expertise include new business development, marketing, consulting, talent development, market research, strategic planning, branding, strategic market positioning, and customer relationship management.  


Throughout his executive career, Carl has held leadership positions with Jack T Wolf LLC, Kantar Media Intelligence, Arbitron, and CBS Radio. He has been responsible for providing services as it relates to media, sales, research, marketing, and promotions to companies across the Broadcast, Print, Outdoor, and Digital industries including Twitter, Lyft, MRP Advisors, Coda Research, The List, Everwise, Coleman Research, GLP Research, and Doug Stephan Media. He has also led media sales and agency advertiser sales teams with more than $50M in revenue, he has developed and managed budgets and was accountable for bottom line, and he has proven his ability to consistently delivery YoY growth.


Carl obtained his BS in Journalism from Ohio University, and he is a graduate of both the CBS School of Management and the Kantar Maestro Management Program. In addition to his executive career, Carl is actively involved in his community and held  multiple Committee roles with the City of Highland Village in Texas including the Planning & Zoning Commission; Ways & Means Committee; Community TV Committee; and the Covenants Committee of Highland Shores Home Owners Association.


It Is All About Teamwork